3 user-friendly ecommerce platforms

Here are three of the best ecommerce platforms on the market to help grow your business online.

With ecommerce becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers, more and more businesses are turning to online platforms in order to boost sales.

A successful online store needs to be easy to navigate, with a well-designed, logical, customer-orientated interface. From the online retailer’s perspective, your ecommerce site needs to be easy to manage and update, with customisation available to suit various requirements.

Here are three of the best ecommerce platforms on the market to help grow your business online.

1. Shopify

One of the major benefits of Shopify is how simple it is to use. Even business owners with a non-technical background will find it easy to manage and update products and categories.

You can effectively get your store up and running without any web development knowledge. Shopify offers intuitive features to help with shipping and tax, and you can access a wide range of helpful extra apps.

2. Magento

With a range of pricing options starting with the free version, right up to the most powerful enterprise version, Magento can handle just about anything.

There aren’t any template designs, but if you have an experienced designer, you can create some of the best looking online stores on the web today. Magento is also very helpful for SEO, as many of the features for promoting and optimising your site are built into the framework.

3. WooCommerce

Rather than a stand-alone platform, WooCommerce is actually a free, open source ecommerce plugin that works exclusively with the very popular WordPress platform. Though you will require customisation to get it working right for you.

WooCommerce effectively turns any WordPress site into a fully functioning ecommerce powerhouse. Although the plugin is free, users tend to pay a relatively small annual fee for hosting and the essential extensions. WooCommerce is generally fairly easy to setup and manage, although it may not be as robust as some other big end products out there.

If you are an experienced WordPress user, you should have no trouble with WooCommerce – and it’s going to help you get some great results.

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