Digital Strategy

Grow your business through smart technologies, innovative website design and data-driven digital strategy

What, exactly, is digital strategy? Well, it depends on who you ask and, between us, every digital agency will tell you something slightly different. It isn’t just about building links, creating engaging videos and writing more blog posts, though these are some winning activities.

Digital strategy is a well-thought plan, unique to your business. It maps your corporate objectives, hones in on who your target market truly is and connects the dots between the two.

The end goal is to amplify your core strength online and connect with the people who matter to your business.

Developing a digital strategy plan with iFactory is collaborative. Along with our strategists, designers and developers, together we will:

  • Engage with you through a collaborative workshop
  • Undertake in-depth research into your business and competitors
  • Identify key user profiles and stories
  • Establish and contribute to new creative concepts that will drive personalised digital activities
of technology buyers will look to industry peers when making a purchasing decision.