4 steps to set up a great Twitter account

When setting up a new Twitter account there are few things to consider. Check out these four tips.

Twitter has been famously described as the social network you didn’t know you needed until you were on it. To the uninitiated, it is daunting, formidable and doesn’t seem to make much sense.

But if you spend some time in the Twittersphere, you’ll quickly see through the noise and realise how powerful a short burst of information in a single tweet can be.

When setting up a new Twitter account there are few things to consider:

1. Make your username as short as possible

On Twitter, every character is precious. When there is only space for 140 characters in a tweet, it pays to not waste them on a long and complicated username.

In as few characters as possible, a good username conveys the business’ name and its location. Perhaps you’re Steve, running an air conditioning repair business in Brisbane. A username like @StevesAirconBNE gives an overview of the business in an instant – and the account is more likely to be followed.

2. Use an attention grabbing profile picture and cover photo

It is definitely worth investing in good graphic design to make your Twitter profile unique. A boring profile picture makes it easier for potential customers to miss your tweets. Use colour to draw people in.

3. Tweet when people would be seeking a business like yours

A successful tweet is a well-timed tweet. If you are tweeting about the services your business provides, then time them for when your potential customers would be thinking about those services.

Say you run a café which opens for breakfast: tweet about your breakfast specials when people are waking up and considering going out for breakfast. Or check your Twitter Analytics to measure and boost your impact on Twitter.

4. Engage with people and use humour

Twitter allows for real-time personal interactions and can break down traditional barriers between customers and a business. Twitter can be conversational and playful, and can be humorous.

The lifespan of a tweet is often very short, and must grab as much attention as possible in very little time. If tweets are conversational and humorous, they are more likely to be noticed than straight-bat responses, and ultimately are more likely to attract more followers.

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