4 trends for a digital marketing edge

These digital trends will ride out the rest of 2017.


Online marketing is continually evolving, with digital marketing strategists riding the quarterly – even monthly – wave of trends. Despite this, every step must be a tactical one. We’ve wrapped up the trends that we believe will see out the end of 2017.


1. Prioritise video

Video, and particularly live streaming, is taking the internet by storm and savvy digital marketers are taking full advantage. Video isn’t restricted to YouTube either. Facebook, Instagram, and video-focused websites like DailyMotion and Vimeo are used extensively by users to help stay up-to-date on everything from news, gossip, latest products or even just catching up with a single vlogger. Because people love watching video,  Google now rewards those sites featuring video with higher rankings, so it’s the on-trend tool for building awareness, loyalty and traffic.

2. Welcome to the future

We’re talking Augmented Reality (AR) – and don’t let the Pokemon Go fad fool you. What that phenomenon showed is the incredible power of AR to capture the imagination of an audience on a global scale. Rest assured, the very best digital strategists are working hard to make augmented reality the future for business too.

3. Creating interactive worlds

Content marketing efforts are a mixed bag. On the one hand, it’s given consumers entertaining and informative content. It’s also seen a lot of rushed, filler content published in the race to build out content – mostly for Google. Increased competition in the content space has now seen market leaders create interactive worlds, with some brands experimenting with Facebook’s 360-degree video platform and Snapchats sponsored filters.

Of course, incorporating interactive elements into your website design and ecommerce platforms are some of the basic tenets which will ensure a great user experience.

4. Personalised, data driven emails

Email marketing is always a proven winner, but it is also evolving. Anti-spam filters, technology and even laws are now a hurdle, but that doesn’t mean people won’t sign up to receive truly insightful and entertaining content to their inbox. Not only that, digital marketers are now tailoring solutions to match consumer behaviour, meaning they will consider it to be something really useful rather than ‘spam’.

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