5 Reasons to Hire a Developer to Build Your Website

A website is a no-brainer these days as more people head online to research, buy, interact and share information. What is not so easy is the process of building a successful website. There are many ways to build your own website thanks to sites such as WordPress and SquareSpace. But despite what you may think, just because you build it doesn’t mean they (customers) will come. A successful website design takes time, research and knowledge to produce something fresh and functional. If you are starting out on the internet there is good chance you will not have the expertise it takes to build a website that promotes rather than plummets your business goals.

Here are 5 reasons to go professional:

1.     Coding

Website developers would have you believe that coding is poetry and some html-minded folks may even agree with the sentiment. For the laymen however coding is basically a complex set of word-based algorithms that tell information where to appear and how to do it. Even if you are a competent user of computers it is extremely likely that you will come across an issue that cannot be solved with plug-ins or patches and professional assistance will need to be sought.

Avoid the headache and begin the website journey with a professional website developer.

2. Developers Focus

If you are initiating a website for your business you are probably focused on the day-to-day running of it and don’t really have the time to sit down and create a website – which can take hours of time, especially if you are wanting to include credible content. A website developer’s job is to create websites and address coding problems. Let a professional digital agency oversee the project professionally so you can focus on your business (your expertise) and not on html coding (a developer’s expertise).

3. Problem Solvers

Because website developers work in the field day in, day out they are aware of issues before they even arise. You can Google till your heart’s content and not find a solution to your problem, whereas a web developer will know where to look and rectify your problem quickly and efficiently.

iFactory offers clients support plans so you can always have peace-of-mind should any issues arise.

4. Future Tweaking

Even if you manage to set up a functional website on your own there is no way to stop potential hacks, system failures or other unforeseen issues. A website created by a developer will mean there is logic, evidence and most importantly a footprint for the design of your site. If there are any issues or changes you wish to make in the future a website developer is capable of reworking html code without having to face redoing the website entirely.

As part of our support plans we also offer a specific website repair service to address website issues from a previous developer or attempt.

5. Optimise and Revolutionise

Employing a developer will not only mean that you can enjoy a functional and fresh web design, but that search engine optimisation will also be considered. Having a good website is one piece of the marketing online puzzle. A professional website developer will optimise your website to include the aspects needed to integrate your business site with social media, Google trends and SEO.

Ultimately it is your choice whether you decide to hire a professional to create your website. But as they say do what you do best and delegate the rest.

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