Adobe Creative Cloud users get ultimate updates

For web design and graphic design, Adobe Creative Cloud is the ultimate tool kit. The after effects of the recent updates will reverberate across businesses, allowing increased functionality, productivity and efficiency. Photoshop is just one of several tools that have been enhanced to allow the illustrator maximum creative freedom with a minimum of fuss. Publish Online and Character Animator have also been given the ultimate Adobe update treatment.

Photoshop CC

Adobe is one of the intelligent organisations that actually listens to feedback. In response to this, Photoshop CC can now be utilised with a minimum of clicks, as little wrestling with the mouse as possible, and the removal of unnecessary detail. French, German and Japanese have been added to the Design Space repertoire, allowing Creative Cloud users all over the world to reap the benefits.

Publish Online

Publish Online has been extended to offer availability in all In Design languages, providing us with maximum functionality. We can now make the most of Publish Online with the following features:

  • capability of embedding website links
  • option to republish documents that have been edited with the original URL
  • ability to monitor the total visits, unique visits and average read time

Character Animator

Graphic design has been revamped by Adobe with its updated Character Animator. We can now enjoy the following:

  • increased control of character limbs
  • the ability to share rigged puppets with our fellow users
  • new, flexible approach to recording
  • general improvements in performance to make our work increasingly efficient with an edge

Creative Cloud Charts

Adobe has produced Creative Cloud Charts to make graphic design a seamless pleasure. When we open an illustrator document, a CC Chart appears automatically. This allows us greater control over the entire design process.

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