Benefits of Having a Responsive Website Design for Your Business

What are the benefits from having a truly responsive business website design?

Until just a few years ago, business websites were created to be viewed in just one way. When we visited any site, we used our computer, be it a desktop or laptop, and therefore the site was formatted to be effective specifically in that environment. Now, it’s important, indeed increasingly vital, to appreciate that websites have to function effectively in a multi-device world.

To gain the positive responses you seek now largely relies on presenting your website in a way that works effectively across a range of platforms – smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPads, and PCs. There is little use having a desktop-friendly version that becomes difficult to read on a tablet and impossible when using a smartphone. It needs to adapt to the environment where it’s accessed, both in terms of style and speed of delivery.

Page loading has increased in importance in an increasingly impatient world where annoyance is measured now in moments rather than minutes. Industry experts say it’s likely that mobile activities, rather than desktop, will become the number one web access point sometime during this year. In fact, this may already have happened.

Gaining those vital benefits from responsive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) made a huge initial impact when it was launched a couple of years ago, and has quickly become the go-to standard for the creation of a truly user-friendly website for those accessing through a mobile device. Like a chameleon, it is capable of adapting to its environment, by reformatting itself depending on the device being used.

Search engines, such as Google, now not only recommend a responsive website as the optimum way to target a mobile audience, but tend to favour mobile-optimised sites when presenting search results on such devices. Considering the importance of SEO, experts increasingly recommend a single RWD site, and therefore one URL, rather than independent sites for computer and mobile. With these, there would be different URLs and HTML – the single option makes search engine crawling and indexing a simpler activity.

Also, creating a new mobile site is like starting a new business. You’d have to build its online reputation from scratch – and such sites don’t tend to rank well with search engines. On the other hand, using responsive website design presents the content we’d find on the desktop version in a responsive yet functional way. Failing to achieve this continuity can lead to a high bounce rate from site visits with detrimental results in your rankings.

Presenting our iFactory solution

As a leader in Brisbane’s full-service digital agency community, our experienced and passionate team work with a wide range of clients through many different marketing environments. We can deliver the advanced and streamlined responsive web design activities and processes that provide innovative but always results-driven internet marketing solutions for your business. Our aim is always to keep you that vital one pace ahead of your competitors in this constantly changing environment.

A quick call to us on (07) 3844 0577 or a swift email to will allow us to start the conversation that helps ensure your business treads a powerful, consistent, and a fully responsive, digital footprint, across all devices, in a world where this can only become ever more important.

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