Responsive Web Design

The Issue with Web Design

With the proliferation of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets there is a need to create web content for their screen size, resolution and user demographic. Responsive web design is about generating code that can translate web design to mobile devices. Considering half of all internet searches take place on a smart phone or tablet you are eliminating 50% of internet users if your web content has not been optimised to suit their devices.

Responsive Features

A competent web developer can create responsive web design and a responsive website through a choice summation of aspects: one URL, plus single content, one code and CSS3 media queries equates to seamless presentation of content across multiple devices. The key features of achieving this responsive web design are engaging a flexible grid, flexible images and using CSS3 media queries and screen resolutions. This means that all potential customers and clients can interact with your content on a platform that is convenient for them.

Don’t miss out on prospective business by not optimising your online content. iFactory are more than happy to discuss with you your digital strategyonline marketing and your responsive website needs so you can present a comprehensive online presence to your current and future customer base.

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