Best tools to help you manage backlinks

If you want to have a successful blog or website, having the capacity to make and utilise backlinks to your site is crucial, as this will ensure you will be able to secure an increased rank on Google. That said, the quality of the backlinks you have to your site is absolutely crucial and decisions you make about backlinks will play a major role in the success of your search engine optimisation strategy. Check out the range of online backlink checkers below – there just may be a tool here that will be the perfect addition to your collection.


This backlink checker will assist you to find the quantity of backlinks to your site. This tool is great because it is free of charge and also offers extra services for bloggers, such as important sources of information about the substance of backlinks and other visitor statistics on your website.


This site is unique in that it offers a massive index of backlinks on a website as it runs a backlink check every quarter of an hour to find a big index of links. Search engine optimisation experts love this tool because the interface is so easy to use.

Analyse Backlinks

This backlink checker is also extremely easy to run and offers data on the backlinks. The advantage here is that there is no repetition when it comes to backlinks arising out of a single domain. There is a range of other filtering options too in this extremely intelligent analysis tool.

Majestic SEO

This is a really popular backlink counter as it provides a wide ranging database of backlinks. Up-to-date data is also provided to give you a quality and current report. It’s easy to use and has a range of advanced options.

Open Site Explorer

This is one of the most popular backlink counter tools utilised by search engine optimisation strategists. There is a free version and a premium version, with the former allowing for three runs for backlinks per day and the latter allowing for unlimited searches. There is also a range of other tools which will help provide vital information for your search engine optimisation strategy, such as information on your competitor’s site.

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