Beyond web metrics: 4 types of online data to track

Most business owners focus too much on web analytics and miss out on the other significant types of online data. Here are four types of online data to track.

Most business owners focus too much on web analytics and miss out on the other significant types of online data. Diversifying the kind of information you monitor on your website can supply your business with critical information relating to your marketing, customers and web development. Doing this can give you a competitive advantage over a business that does not bother at all. Here are four types of online data to track.

1. Marketing analytics

A tool like HubSpot can allow you to compare and contrast marketing channels in a single dashboard. Thus, you can measure the success of particular campaigns and figure out the approach that works optimally. This can inform your future hiring decisions and budget allocations.

2. On-site management analytics

Apart from knowing how visitors get to your site, you ought to understand what they do there. Click heat and mouse-move heat map tracking tools can show you where people hover and move across your web pages. A good example is Mixpanel which can tell you whether or not visitors find your website intuitive. It particularly shows you the exact locations clicked by their cursors, and you can use the information to detect navigation issues and usability. Necessary website adjustments can thereafter be made early enough before competitors take your customers.

3. Customer analytics

Don’t take too long to set up consumer feedback channels and surveys because it can help you learn about unfulfilled customers. There could be issues in your marketing such as a confusing message, that can be corrected before it is misinterpreted further. You can outsource this service to a provider like SurveyMonkey who can collect quick customer feedback about your website experience, among other consumer problems.

4. Lifestyle analytics

You need to collect data about your customers to find out the best ways to communicate with them. Some tools can tell you whether your emails are working and how you can easily edit them to improve their performance. Lifestyle analytics services can help you identify and survey specific customer segments –
Google Analytics already has built-in audience segmentation.

Tracking these types of online data can help you identify loopholes in your website. You can talk to iFactory about the issues you may have and we will fix them for you. Call us today and our web designers in Brisbane can make sure that you get optimal returns on your online investments.

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