Case Study: Vita Group VITACON18 Conference Video Animation

Vita Group is the parent company behind some of Australia’s best-known retail brands.


About the Client

Vita Group is the parent company behind some of Australia’s best-known retail brands. They are the driving force in charge of over 100 Telstra stores nationwide, as well as more than 20 Telstra Business Centres. They are also responsible for other premium shopping experiences such as SQD Athletica, social media marketing and management company, Sprout, and Artisan Aesthetic Clinics.

Client Objective

Held every year, VITACON celebrates the company’s most recent achievements and lays out the roadmap for the year ahead. Delegates from each retailer under the Vita Group umbrella converge to the one location to meet, talk shop and hear from company leaders about what the next year will bring.

Following last year’s event, Vita Group knew that they had to raise the bar with the presentation. The theme of levelling up was chosen for the three-day conference, which was about how retailers need to evolve the way they offer their products and services, not to mention paving way for an exciting old-school video game visual motif. A giant 30-metre curved screen was set to be the backdrop for the speakers and the client needed a video that would tie these themes together and get the crowd excited for what was to come.

iFactory Solution

The theme of the event was “Evolve and Adapt” to represent Vita Group’s growth and how the company is changing as technology continues to expand. The video game analogy was used to show how “levelling up” and gaining new skills allows you to do new and exciting things in technology.

To start, our dedicated team developed a style guide and two distinct logos for the event that drew inspiration from 80’s movies and popular TV shows of the era. The first logo was designed in line with the 8-bit aesthetic commonly used in early video games, while the second logo reflects a more modern, yet retro, style of video game that’s still popular today. The style guide was designed to give Vita Group ideas to draw from for possible merchandising and branding opportunities that could arise from the event.

iFactory then took the monumental challenge of creating, storyboarding and animating a 45-second video animation intro that will wow the crowd and takes advantage of the giant high-resolution screen head-on.

Our team used all their years spent in front of a Super Nintendo to write and storyboard a fun and engaging video experience using some of the biggest icons in games from the ‘80s and ‘90s, mixing them together with the overall theme of the show. In the sequence, characters would grow and work together to achieve a common goal, just like the team at The Vita Group.

iFactory’s web designers used After Effects to animate the characters against an ever-changing landscape and bring the action to life with dazzling special effects and captivating camera transitions. The overall video was exported out to Vita on time and on budget. It met with great reaction at the show and set the tone for the good times ahead.


  • Professional Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Logo design
  • Animation
  • Custom illustration

Project:             VITACON18 Conference animation and logo design
Completed:       July 2018

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