Google Glass Steps It Up with Prescription Lenses

Google Glass is powering through scepticism and uncertainty by initiating interest from third parties wishing to design products especially for the device. Enthusiastic tech-heads who signed up to be Google Glass guinea pigs have given their feedback and suggestions to Google who are thought to be creating their final market-ready versions (although there is still no word on an official release date). There is one discrepancy to the design which has yet to be addressed by Google and that is prescription lenses.

There is hope for vision impaired people though. New-York based optical chain Rochester Optical has announced they will be offering prescription, sport and fashion lenses to Google Glass owners from January 2014.

Affordable Prescription Lenses for Google Glass

If you are interested the lenses will be available for purchase online in a variety of colours to complement the device. You only need enter your colour preference along with your prescription information to have a pair made and sent to you. They will arrive with arm mounts that will attach perfectly to the Google Glass frame. The cost of the lenses will be the same as regular glasses.

Google Glass Release Date Yet to Be Confirmed

Even though Google Glass has no confirmed release date as yet it does not mean that interested people cannot get their hands on one. Google recently revoked their veto on testers selling their device. Currently on online shopping sites you are able to purchase Google Glass from $750 to $3700 along with exclusive Google Glass Explorer Edition Volume 2 invites. In the meantime people who are eagerly awaiting owning their own, brand new version will have to keep their breaths bated for a Google Glass official release date.

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