Google Glass – The Future

We can all agree on the fact that technology is getting harder, better, faster, stronger (Thanks Daft Punk). Every day news sites report on the emerging technologies which are not only shaping our future but the way in which we interact with the internet and the world around us. Google Glass is just one of the new developments reshaping our world.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass could easily surpass any addition to the smart technology family like the smart phone and tablet thanks to its one unique difference: wearability. It is a pair of star-trek style glasses that includes a tiny glass screen hovering about your right eye which displays a smart phone’s contents. The device is extremely intuitive responding to eye movements, head nods and gestures to navigate the contents. In theory the logistics sound troublesome but the reality is a smooth, seamless design that gives the wearer excellent control.

The device is a complex collaboration of components including a projector, prism, camera, microphone, bone-conduction audio, battery and glass screen. They all occupy one side of the glasses too. Despite this perceivable imbalance however, the Google Glasses offer comfort for the wearer with its light-weight design and carefully shaped nose piece.

Operating System and Features

This new piece of technology has been made with android operating systems in mind, it is Google after all, but it is still compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone. There are inherent advantages to using the device with an Android phone, especially by engaging the “MyGlass” companion app.

One of the best features of Google Glass is the launch of Google inside the system which becomes more or less a personal assistant in the same way Siri attempted to be for iPhone. Asking the device questions will result in a response by the device as a spoken answer, a picture, diagram, website or a combination of everything depending on your enquiry. Everything you capture is instantly sharable with a Wi-Fi connection and a Google+ account makes the possibilities of Google Glass endless.

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