Google has a new logo

It was only last month that Google announced big changes to its business structure, and yet change continues for this fast-moving tech giant with the launch of a new-look logo design.

We’ve seen Google’s logo evolve many times in its 17-year history. This latest logo uses a sans-serif typeface and is a lot more modern and playful. Colours are softer too, and the logo seems to fall in line with that of Google’s new parent company Alphabet.

Making the logo look good on small screens seems to be a crucial part of the redesign. The simple, flat lettering is supposed to scale better for smaller sizes, and be easier to display on low-bandwidth connections.

But the new logo isn’t the whole story. As you switch between platforms, apps and devices, you’ll be introduced to Google’s new “identity family”, also known as a corporate identity. Google’s collection of multi-coloured symbols will make identifying and interacting with Google’s different apps and tools even easier. New elements include a four-colour Google mic, and a similarly coloured upper case “G” that replaces the little blue “g” in apps like Gmail.

Despite this, the change in logo design has been met with mixed reviews. Be part of the conversation on our Facebook page and tell us if you love it or hate it.

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