Google’s definition of a high quality website (Part Two)

Whether it’s 5 star reviews or amazing content, we’ll give you tips to ensure your website leaves competitors in the dust.

In part one, we discussed five aspects that make a low quality website. If you missed it, catch up before we go ahead: Google’s definition of a low quality website (Part One). In part two of our series we will cover the other side of the spectrum: what makes a website shine in Google’s eyes.

1. 5 star reviews

Positive, unbiased reviews have the power to attract a large number of new customers, as well as boost your SEO results. To improve your rankings, encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews on your Google My Business page or any other popular reviewing platform.

2. Copywriting that educates and engages

Your expertise and knowledge in your chosen area should shine on the page in terms of both the quality and the length of your content. There shouldn’t be any inaccurate information or ‘fluff’ that doesn’t provide any value to your audience. Every bit of content should be instrumental to your website’s purpose, or provide a functional value. For example, an ecommerce website may have a ‘related products section’ which may not offer primary value on the page, but offers a more practical value to the user.

You should also consider breaking up your text with educational or engaging images.

3. Your website design is intuitive and works well in context to your business

If your website can be used on laptops, iPhones and large desktops with ease, then you’ll be closer to a perfect quality score. Your design will also need to work well for your industry and flow naturally. For example, for most websites, it would be logical to have your topic and an introduction at the top of your page, followed by the body text, frequently asked questions and a call to action.

4. Your website is free of technical issues

Google rewards websites that don’t have any broken links or broken images. Therefore, if you regularly update and ‘spring clean’ your website, you should have nothing to worry about.

A final note on high quality content

As Google’s algorithms continue to evolve, the definition of high quality content will too. iFactory can manage every aspect of your website for you, including SEO strategy, digital marketing and digital strategy and intelligent website design to ensure nothing holds your business back. Our 10+ years of experience and dedication means that we’re always on top of whatever Google might throw at us.

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