Guide to creating an ecommerce website

When coming up with an ecommerce website design, it is crucial to remember that customers should be able to get answers to any questions they might have easily.


Ecommerce is a huge business with retail sales projected to hit over 14.3 billion US dollars in 2020, in Australia. In part, this has been occasioned by the high purchasing power of Australians. Previously, ecommerce sites received a lot of suspicion from internet users, but as globalisation took effect, many internet users have at one point, or another, made an online purchase. Venturing into online business requires good ecommerce website design, which a professional website designer should be able to provide.

Single versus multi-product sites

As a web design agency, we know that one of the most significant differences in website development is the question whether the website will host single or multiple products. The needs of a website selling a single product are different from those of one dealing with multiple products. Information organisation in a single-product site is different from its arrangement in a multiple-product website.

The design process

There are additional things to consider from an ecommerce website, which may not be present in other types of sites. The number of pages between the home page and final checkout page is an essential factor to consider and should be mapped out from the beginning of the process. Product photos and design constructs should be key factors that guide the designing process.

An ecommerce site should be easy to navigate

An ecommerce website without a menu is likely to put off potential clients. Too many links on the main menu also leave visitors in a state of loss. A drop-down, fly-out or mega menu that can quickly expand is more user-friendly. When looking for a web developer in Brisbane, we recommend that you look for one with experience in both single and multiple-products websites.

Contact information should be available

When coming up with an ecommerce website design, it is crucial to remember that customers should be able to get answers to any questions they might have easily. This means that a contact page and contact information is paramount.

At iFactory, we understand how crucial it is to have an ecommerce website that converts leads into sales. We provide expertise in digital and creative website development. Contact us today and get the services of our professional web developers in Brisbane.

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