How do I add a Milestone to my Facebook Page?

A great thing about Facebook’s Timeline format is that you can use it to help share the history of your company. By adding Milestones to your Facebook Page you can show how your business has grown and changed over time.

To add a Milestone, simply:

  1. Login to Facebook and go to your Page.
  2. Make sure you are posting, commenting and liking as your Page name, not with your personal account.
  3. Click on “Offer, Event +” at the top of your Page’s Timeline (where the status bar is).
  4. Select “Milestone”.
  5. Add the date, title, location, details, and photo for your milestone.
  6. Click “Save”.

You will only be able to complete these steps if you have an admin role on the Page. It’s also important to note that the earliest date a Milestone can have is whatever date your Page was created. If you need it to be earlier, you will have to edit your Page’s start info (this can done by going to Settings>Page Info>Start Info).

Consider all the different things you could add to your Milestones. These could include answers to questions such as:

  • When was your company founded?
  • When did your company move to a bigger office?
  • When did your company go public?
  • Have you won any awards?
  • When did your company get rebranded?
  • When did key people start working there?
  • When did your company start selling certain products/services?

When creating Milestones, also bear in mind the range of people who could be looking at your Milestone history. It could be the first place potential employees look when starting to research your company, or may be a useful way to promote your company to potential investors. So you need to make sure your Milestones are detailed, clear and contain a professional and attractive image. Check out our Facebook page for some of the milestones we have added.

You could even add interesting items, such as your company’s old ads or products from that time (take a look at Chanel’s Facebook Page to see how they do it), or employees or customers’ memories from that time (Coca-cola’s Facebook Page is a great example of this), or more humorous, viral content (Old Spice is doing this fantastically).

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