How to update your Twitter profile

How to update your Twitter profile to the new look

Your Twitter profile page lets the world know who you are. It’s a place where you can express yourself, engage with your customers, build brand awareness and attract attention. So why not make it as appealing and visual as you can?

Coming soon to everyone

The new Twitter look has already been offered to certain users; but in the coming weeks, all the new, exciting features will become available to most people on Twitter. The new profiles will be turned on for everyone May 28 2014. If you want to get there sooner and start enjoying the boundless benefits of this new layout, then get ahead of the curve and update yours now.

How to update your Twitter profile page

1. Sign into your Twitter account.

2. Click on “Edit Profile” (on your right-hand side).

3. From the menu on your left, choose the eighth option: “Design.”

4. Scroll down to see the background themes available. Choose the one you like to apply to your page, or upload your company’s logo or any other image you would like to have in your background.

5. Determine the colours of your text and links.

6. Press “Save Changes.”

7. Upload a striking profile photo and a crisp, high-quality cover photo for your header.

8. Click “Save Changes.”

9. Press “Me” (upper, left-hand side) to check out your new profile page. Doesn’t it look great?

New features to help with your content marketing techniques

So what’s really new about this latest Twitter profile look? Apart from the visually engaging layout, Twitter is introducing three fresh, exciting features:

Best Tweets

Your most popular tweets will now be appear larger and stand out among your other content; this way, they will attract attention to what matters the most not just for other users, but also for your brand.

Pinned Tweets

With the new Twitter look, you are able to pin the tweets that you care about the most at the top of your profile page. Now, your most intriguing and sharable content is always visible to your visitors first thing.

Filtered Tweets

You will now be able to browse other users’ timelines and see only what you want to see. With filtered tweets, it becomes possible to view only text posts, post with photos, or replies. This way, you can move onto what matters.

Get ahead of the curve

Some people neglect Twitter and fail to understand the massive power that it can have when used as an advertising tool to help promote your business and the excellent search value. Don’t fall into the trap – design a killer profile page and start tweeting your most engaging content to drive solid traffic to your website. If you need help, we’d be more than happy to offer it to you.

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