How would an artist or an analyst view your website?

How would an artist or an analyst view your website? The obvious answer is: with very different eyes.

How would an artist or an analyst view your website? The obvious answer is: with very different eyes. The former might quickly, even sub-consciously, focus on the design and style. The latter may already simply be searching for the information they require.

Whenever our web design specialists, based here in Brisbane, are tasked with the crafting of an online presence, we are aware that the finished work will need to cater to a wide range of personalities.

Each website visit is a personal experience. This is true whether the reason is practical or personal; the search is a business activity, or to meet a private need or situation.

Therefore, apart from the provision of information, our web designers are also committed to understanding the range of people and personalities who are likely to come into contact with a website.

Here are three examples of ‘conflicting visitors’:

  1. Warm-hearted or cool-cat: the former would want to feel they are personally welcome; the latter would simply require information.
  2. Swift-searcher or careful-considerer: with the first, their aim is to make quick decisions, perhaps through an immediate, gut-feeling reaction. For the second, it’s a case of weighing up information, possibilities and options before finally deciding.
  3. Total-beginner or established-expert: web design and content also need to be accessible at different knowledge or experience levels. Too technical a presentation can switch-off the first type, a lack of specific detail can frustrate the second.

To create a truly effective web presence, it’s vital to understand the different categories of likely visitors. When this picture is clear, we can start to find ways to address their needs and expectations. Some want to make no more than a swift visit to your site; to be dealt with and to be gone. Others don’t feel the amount of time spent to be a priority. Their focus is on the detail, either in the provision of a warm and human touch or the time spent in deciding.

We started with an artist and an analyst, offering two extremes for which we might well need to seek a common ground when it comes to web design. Our Brisbane web development team are ready to discuss this with you, among many other elements, to ensure your website is truly accessible for as wide a range of prospective customers as possible. If this is a conversation you’d like to have, please call us on +07 3844 0577.

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