iFactory is now accredited with QAssure

Our clients now have another reason to feel confident in partnering with iFactory for their digital and ICT needs. Earlier this year iFactory became fully accredited and pre-qualified under QAssure, a new accreditation program for ICT suppliers engaging in State Government contracts.

Check out iFactory’s QAssure profile on the supplier database.

Why has iFactory become accredited with QAssure?

In mid-2014, the Queensland Government partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) to implement an online ICT industry accreditation process, known as QAssure. This independent accreditation is now a pre-requisite to the Queensland Government’s GITC accreditation, under which iFactory is already approved (Q-5471).

What are the benefits of being accredited?

QAssure and GITC accreditation now go hand in hand and provide iFactory with a seal of approval and mark of quality. With these accreditations, government and private sector organisations have independent assurance that our business is financially and structurally sound.

This additional level of scrutiny has many benefits including:

  • streamlining the ICT procurement process between the public and private sectors;
  • providing consistency in both ICT purchasing and contractual arrangements across Governments and the ICT industry;
  • providing greater protection to buyers in procurement activities;
  • addressing the demands of the ever-changing ICT environment;
  • creating an open and competitive ICT business environment for buyers and suppliers; and
  • reducing the cost of doing business for both buyers and suppliers by providing standard and effective contractual provisions.

With so many benefits, why risk it? Get an accredited web design through a trusted supplier. Contact iFactory today for a comprehensive quote.

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