iFactory’s work on Orocobre nominated for CSSReel award

We were thrilled to be nominated in the CSSREEL website winner of the day award for our recent work on Orocobre.

Where do website designers go for CSS template inspiration? They go to sites like CSSREEL. CSSREEL provides website awards and CSS awards gallery for the best websites in the world. Designers can submit your site to CSS REEL for a chance to win a CSS REEL Award. To have your work recognised by them is a great honour by the worldwide design gallery.

With that in mind, we were thrilled to be nominated in the CSSREEL website winner of the day award for our recent work on Orocobre. Many websites are submitted daily to be recognised, with the fellow design community able to vote for their favourite website.

About the Orocobre project

The lithium business is booming. In fact, the demand for it is growing 12% year-on-year. Orocobre is one of the largest companies specialising in this resource, with the world’s first commercial, brine-based lithium operation. They currently produce 17,500 tonnes per year for the industrial, technical and battery industries.

Recently becoming an ASX200 company, Orocobre had reached their next stage of development and maturation as a company. They needed a fresh website to reflect their high-level position, which was easy to navigate for analysts, journalists and investors.

Their objectives were clear from the get-go. The website design needed to reflect the innovation of their product, meet compliance requirements and support investor, media and business relations with snapshot data.

The end result, produced by the iFactory Brisbane website design team, ticked all the boxes. It was visually striking, featuring a homepage video banner of the lithium operation and on-trend, infographical style content. Its main features included an ASX/TSX live feed, a dedicated media and investor centre and an easy-to-use document system for site administrators to publish timely announcements.

About iFactory

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