Latest Fad in Web Design Video Backgrounds

Are Video Backgrounds the Latest Fad in Web Design?

Sometimes the only way to express your unique style is through movement. The same can be said for communicating your brand, which is why we may start to see more website designs incorporating full-screen video backgrounds.

While the practice isn’t exactly new, the rise of HTML5 is certainly making it easier to implement. Love it or hate it, will we be seeing more of video backgrounds in website design for 2014?

The use of video backgrounds in web design

The effect of using a browser-sized video as the background for a website immediately draws the user in. In some cases it may be used to subtly mirror the mood of the content, while in others it may be to demonstrate a specific product or service. Whatever the purpose, video backgrounds can be used in contrast to static images or pages to engage users and provide a more immersive and engaging experience.

A great websites using video backgrounds is one of our clients, Minecorp.

Key considerations for video backgrounds on websites

Video backgrounds can be done in Flash or HTML5, however it’s important to consider backups for browsers that do not support Flash. The quality of your target audience’s internet connection may also be a factor; there’s no point if you’re targeting rural or remote users. Obviously video backgrounds do not fit every setting, but they can work brilliantly to communicate artistic qualities, exclusivity and branding.

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