mobile marketing and advertising trends in 2014

One of the fastest growing chunks of advertising budgets is mobile, with a 75% increase in mobile ad expenditure recorded by research firm AdAge for 2013. Now that the majority of Australians have a smartphone and many also have tablets, the mobile market is presenting some exciting opportunities for advertisers to reach a highly targeted audience. According to a report by TNS Mobile Life 2013 we’re increasingly inclined to use our smartphones for more of the tasks we used to do on a PC. Things like instant messaging and chat, social media, games, email, news, search, internet and banking are now easily handled on the mobile.

The results are in – mobile advertising is now a mainstream tactic along with regular online advertising in the current digital marketing landscape and cannot be overlooked.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

Right now, the mobile advertising world is undergoing a significant shift as Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology squeezes the traditional advertising systems out. RTB is nothing new and has been around in desktop advertising for some time. Certainly if recent acquisitions are anything to go by, RTB is the next big thing for mobile. Just this year Twitter acquired MoPub, ‘the largest hosted ad serving solution for mobile advertisers’ for $350M. Numerous other players have changed hands or merged as everyone jostles to secure their own ad “exchanges”. For us, mobile RTB promises more transparency and knowledge of both the audience and return on investment. Plus, the ability to monitor and adjust strategy almost instantly promises mobile advertisers with a solution like nothing before it.

A Bright Future for Mobile Advertising

Society is now presented with the idea that advertisers could be all over our mobile devices in the not too distant future, but the truth is that mobile is already full of opportunities for clever, integrated advertising that can actually work. There’s more to mobile advertising than the overt strategies that might first spring to mind. SMS advertising, MMS advertising and apps that pop an ad out every few minutes, can be effective but they’re just scratching the surface. Apps themselves can be powerful marketing tools, there are also banner ads, mobile web or WAP sites, tablet advertising, search advertising, QR codes, location based advertising, bluetooth downloads and loads of other opportunities to reach your mobile customer. The mobile advertising and marketing landscape is moving quickly. New ideas will emerge and mobile marketing & advertising is only going to become more advanced and specialised in the next couple of years.

iFactory can assist you in determining how you could utilise online advertising, application development and other strategies to harness the power of mobile in your digital marketing strategy in 2014 and beyond. Plus, we can help you create a stellar online presence using responsive web design to make sure your website is optimised for all devices.

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