Our Explainer Video Process

A trend that’s emerging in a big way is explainer videos. These are short, animated videos with a specific goal: understanding. Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. They use clear and concise language along with entertaining and useful visuals.

The typical project takes 4-8 weeks to complete and involves multiple stages. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Research & Kick-off

The producer digs deep into your brand and your goals. With all this insight, you will meet with us to agree on a direction for your video and discuss the process and plan for your production.

Script Writing

In order to really engage the viewer and accomplish the goals you’ve set for the work during Kick-off, you need to have a remarkable script. It will require revisions and some back and forth to get it just right. This is the most critical component of your explainer video. Our writers will take the time to write an engaging and, powerful script that works.


With a final script set, the design team creates a storyboard. This is typically a sketched representation of every single frame of your video. It should give you an idea of how your story will flow visually. Along with this, we’ll present a couple static renderings of what your video should end up looking like. This gives you an idea of the colours and feel of your on brand and on message video.


Based on the script and branding information, a professional voice artist will record a read-through of the script. Audio quality is hugely important.

Design & Animation

The design team will continue to design out all the frames of the video for the animator. Once the design is complete and the voice-over is recorded, the animator will animate each scene to match the voice recording.

Sound Design

Our sound designer will make sure the sound tells as much about you as the rest of the video. We’ll layer in custom sound effects to represent the movements in the video and either produces a custom music track or chooses and fit a great track that’s royalty-free.


An editor will mix all the scenes with the final mixdown of audio from the sound designer, render and deliver your video in the applicable formats or even add it to your site as needed.

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