Interactive Design

Connect with your audience in new and exciting ways through interactive design

The vast majority of the websites you view on a daily basis are non-interactive. That is, your role is to consume the content presented. However, we know that we’re more engaged in stories, products and services that we play a part in. This is why interactive design is so effective.

Interactive design places the reader as the center of the website. Through interactive forms, branching narrative paths or applications that continually react to the user’s actions in a fun, entertaining way, interactive design makes your users active participants.

Practical applications of interactive design on your website could be elements that respond to user input without having to reload a page or go to a new page entirely. For example, a survey form that instantly tailors questions based on previously provided answers, or a page that allows users to drag and drop elements of the page to suit readability.

iFactory will create a site for you that uses interactive website design to enhance user experience, improve bounce rate and develop brand awareness.

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