Plan your marketing with a content calendar

Do you know where your digital marketing is heading one month from now? What about one week? Tomorrow? As business owners, we all know the importance of planning for the future. Yet when it comes to our online marketing, whether it be social media, blogs or AdWords, many business owners are still laying the railroad tracks as the train approaches.

As with any other part of your business, your digital marketing must have a plan for the future. And, as with many other aspects of life, the best way to plan ahead is with a calendar.

A content calendar is a schedule of upcoming content that you’re planning to send out. You can start with a simple timeline of what you’re going to say and on what platforms, and make it as in-depth as you want from there. But as long as you get the framework in place you’ll begin reaping the benefits.

So what are the benefits of a content calendar?

1. Avoid floods and droughts

Everybody goes through super creative phases where every idea they think of is spun gold. Mapping out your good ideas to a content calendar will not only mean your great ideas don’t disappear over time, but that you’ll avoid floods and droughts of social media interaction and content creation.

2. You can plan for important dates

You might have an upcoming sale to promote, a quiet period or the end of financial year, knowing what’s coming allows you to adjust your digital marketing strategy for timeliness.

3. Gives enough lead time

Knowing what’s needed and when allows your marketing team enough time to produce quality content. Clear deadlines make it easier to allocate resources for content creation.

4. Offers a wider scope

By knowing what content you’ll be sending out over the coming months you’ll have a better idea of the business’s complete marketing strategy. A content calendar allows you to better shape the company narrative that is going out to the public sphere. No longer will you have disjointed posts across social media platforms or conflicting blog posts from one week to the next.

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