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Selecting the perfect theme for your WordPress site

One of the most important decisions you will be forced to make when you begin a blog – choosing the perfect theme for your WordPress site.

Blogging, which was once a virtual form of diary writing, has now become one of the best methods of conveying information to the public. As such, many businesses have jumped on the blog train and are now attempting to begin their journey into the world of WordPress.

To assist with this transition we’ve touched upon one of the most important decisions you will be forced to make when you begin a blog – choosing the perfect theme for your WordPress site.

1. Research

The most popular themes have reviews by users and these will help your business get the feel of the theme without actually committing to it. Remember to choose a theme that supports popular WordPress plugins – these are the bits of technology that will help mould your website for improved performance. You can also try out different themes before committing to them so you can see how your site will be rendered and what aspects are customisable.

2. Account for mobile

Mobile devices are now the most powerful instrument of this generation, so keep in mind that over half of general website viewing takes place via a smartphone or tablet. This effectively cuts out any themes which are not mobile friendly. Also, remember that Google favours mobile-friendly sites and pushes them towards the top of its search engine so make sure to test your site and check that it translates as well to an Android tablet as it does an iPhone.

3. To buy or not to buy?

While a purchase isn’t essential to creating a professional-looking blog, it’s important to take into account the benefits that accompany a purchase. Paid themes are more advanced and have bonus features, like page builders and support. While page builders may be a part of certain free themes, every paid theme has them. Page builders help create a custom WordPress design, which in turn results in a better viewing experience.

So, if you’re planning to take your business out for a spin on the blogosphere, finding the perfect theme is the best first step to take. However, if you ever need some extra help don’t be afraid to contact us at iFactory for a unique and custom WordPress design,

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