Social media images? Call on Pablo

The Pablo extension for Google Chrome, created by social media marketing geniuses Buffer, provides users with an easy platform with which to create effective and enthralling images for social media.

You might be thinking you’ve already got that area covered, or that you’d prefer to look for the perfect picture yourself. If you’re doubtful about the merits of Pablo, keep track of the amount of time you spend sourcing images or searching for that cool font you glimpsed on your way to work. If you’re anything like us, you could find yourself saving hours a week just by adding this simple little tool to your browser.

Easy to use

In an area of digital marketing which thrives on its hard-to-define rules, ever-shifting landscapes and unlimited competitors, it’s nice to know there’s an uncomplicated offering like Pablo out there. The social media image tool’s clean interface, does what it says on the box. On first use, we were in and out within minutes.

So, how does Pablo work?

Pablo cuts out two of the most unnecessary and time-consuming aspects of the social media image creation process: downloading an image from the internet and re-uploading it on your chosen app is no longer required.

Instead, Pablo can pick out images or text excerpts from within the article you want to share across your social media platforms. Once you’ve installed Pablo, a button will appear in your toolbar or whenever you hover over an image. Click this button and you’ll be transported to the extension, with your image or text locked in.

Now add the finishing touches in terms of font, filter and size and click the share button. Sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Buffer is supported through the app, but you can download the image if you need social media images for an alternative platform.

Buffer first released Pablo in March 2015. This review covers Pablo 2.0, the October 2015 update which added the extension button to the toolbar – iFactory has tested the tool and found it just as easy as other tools like Canva.

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