Social Networking Overwhelming Users

It is not really news to hear that people are becoming more obsessed with Social Media than they were a few years ago. A survey conducted by may, however, reveal the extent of the obsession known as FOMO (fear of missing out).

Of those sampled 56% admitted to being afraid of missing out on what Social Media had to offer in terms of new information or updates on current events. Approximately 26% said they would swap their addiction such as smoking for the chance to visit their favourite Social Media account.

Interestingly, 27% of respondents stated that checking their Social Media feeds was the first thing they did every morning. People are becoming overwhelmed with multiple social networks and email accounts with the average person spending 31 minutes per day on their social networking sites, responding to emails and reading relevant posts.

This feeling should be well-considered by advertisers as the Megaphone effect of simply broadcasting a marketing message without specific targeting will most certainly get lost in the noise of Social Media today. Instead we suggest highly targeted advertising on social networks to enhance the facilitation of the message and therefore make advertising more successful and a budget much more powerful. Take a glimpse at how we operate our social media management.

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