Stuff Digital Agency People Say

When people hear you work in a digital agency, they automatically envision a funky converted warehouse filled with hipsters playing air hockey in the middle of meetings and jumping on Xbox-live during their two-hour lunch break. While we like to think we are cutting-edge and creative, we do spend 110 percent of our time working hard.

While you may have visions of well-heeled, iPad toting employees, weaving their way between sleek stainless steel and glass office furniture in your head, let’s bring things back down to earth a little. A digital agency isn’t much different from its more traditional advertising counterparts. We may use different mediums to accomplish the goal of bringing the story of your company and product to your target audience, but similar principles are employed in both of our practices.

Let’s face it, the strategies and tools used in digital marketing change at such speeds it makes the warp drive on the Starship Enterprise look like a moped. You didn’t start your business to spend most of your time chasing every advancement in web design, apps, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and the like. That’s where a digital marketing agency can come to the rescue. We at iFactory do all the heavy lifting for you; from website design, implementing a finely tuned digital marketing strategy and ensuring that your company is always benefiting from the best the digital world has to offer.

Every industry has its special lingo and in an effort to further demystify the work we do, we present to you our list of stuff digital agency people say. Search for the hashtag #stuffdigitalagencypeoplesay on your favourite social channel for the full list.

“It really needs to pop.”


Wait, let me Instagram that.jpg


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While the installation of our computerised touchscreen walls are in “various stages of pending,” we here at iFactory are always on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest in digital media. We are a full-service digital agency Brisbane with an experienced group of professional and passionate team members. Our talented team have been exercising their extensive skills in digital strategy and web design for our growing list of satisfied clients.

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