Technology Is Ruining Your Love Life

5 Signs Technology Is Ruining Your Love Life

Oh, how we love our technology… embracing it like a lover and clinging to it for dear life, often at the expense of our real relationships. If any of these five tell-tale signs strikes a chord with your own relationship behaviours, you could be letting technology ruin your love life.

1. You spend way more time with Siri than with your partner.

Even if you have one of the most amazing smartphones in the world, it’s not going to rub your feet for you at the end of a long day. It’s far too easy to fall into a lull in your relationship, especially when both of you spend all your time staring into your phones instead of talking to each other.

Just being “together” while you use your technology isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. You need to be actively communicating face to face in order to maintain a loving bond. It’s worse if one partner uses their phone more than the other, because it’s easy to become jealous of time spent with the mobile phone that should be “together” time for the couple.

2. You have far too many “friends.”

The phrase “social butterfly” has taken on a completely new meaning in today’s digital age. In-person meetups with a few good friends have been replaced by almost constant communication with loads of people you really don’t know all that well, some of whom you don’t actually like that much either. With a few keystrokes, the entire world knows your day-to-day activities, including every detail of your love life.

Even if everything you have to say about your significant other is great, they could feel that their privacy is just a little non-existent, or they may become jealous of the time you spend updating your social media pages.

3. You keep in touch with the wrong people.

It’s too tempting to keep track of old flames and former love interests via Facebook and Twitter, where the perceived curtain of anonymity makes it easy to see their latest conquests or gloat over how awful their life has been since you’ve moved on. If you are spending time stalking your ex, how committed are you being to your current partner? The short answer is, you’re not.

Ditch the exes by de-friending them or – even better – cutting down on the time you spend obsessing over social media, and instead focus on the face in front of you.

4. Your expectations become distorted.

With everyone online sharing their “perfect” relationships and giving advice on how you should manage yours, it’s easy to lose sight of what you really want. In fact, it’s not uncommon for your expectations to become distorted, so that you expect some sort of perfect relationship that doesn’t or can’t exist, especially when your communication skills only consist of the ability to decipher text messages and status updates.

Your partner may have unrealistic expectations from you, too. Either way, feelings of inadequacy can kill a relationship before it starts, or lead you to stay in a toxic one longer than you should.

5. 24/7 availability is too much.

Real relationships involve two individuals who likely lead separate lives involving jobs, families, and friends. Having instant access to your partner, and sometimes exact knowledge of his/her location – thanks to some locating apps – can make you appear clingy.

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