Top 3 tips for maximising social media engagement

When it comes to creating a recognisable brand or influencing consumer engagement, social media is king.

When it comes to creating a recognisable brand or influencing consumer engagement, social media is king.

A 2017 MarketingSherpa (an Americana publisher) study found that people aged 18-34 are most likely to follow and engage with a brand or product via social media and 71% of consumers would recommend a product or brand to others if they had a positive social media experience or interaction with the company. These figures are undoubtedly significant when considering the importance of creating and maintaining a positive and effective social media presence.

As a Brisbane website development company, we recommend understanding your brand identity in order to figure out the most relevant use of social media for you. Instagram is by far the most beneficial social media tool, with Hootsuite reporting that brands experience 120 times higher follower engagement on Instagram compared to Facebook and Twitter. This engagement creates brand awareness, which often translates directly to revenue. This is a massive motivator for brands to effectively utilise Instagram, so here are three top tips for maximising your Instagram engagement.

1. Know your brand and stick to it

By knowing your brand you can create social media content that will make an impact and facilitate engagement. A knowledgeable Brisbane web design company suggests creating on brand, ‘digestible’ content for your intended audience.

2. Know your demographic and give them what they want

Who is your target audience? Who are you selling to? Why are they buying from you? These questions can be taken literally if you are selling a product, or more figuratively if you are hoping to create engagement and brand awareness for more general reasons.

3. Post consistently and engage with your followers

If you are just starting out, one of the best things you can do in order to organically grow your follow up is to like, comment and engage with your followers and potential followers. Consumers respond to the personal touch, which is the main reason people resonate so strongly with social media.

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