Top 5 personal safety apps for emergency situations

For the first time in an event other than a natural disaster, Facebook activated their personal safety check tool just hours after the Paris attacks during November 2015. More than four million people notified their friends and family that they were safe.

Of course, terror attacks are not an ordinary experience. But when you are engaging in everyday activities, it pays to make sure that you are as safe as possible. Using safety apps, you can enhance your personal safety.

We’ve all given our loved ones a call when we’ve arrived home safely, but this is an imperfect safety mechanism that has been overshadowed by many personal safety apps that are currently on the market.

Here are five apps that make getting home safe that bit easier:

1. ‘Help Me’ app

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation has released the ‘Help Me’ app. It can be used by people of all ages to keep safe. The app is essentially as easy as hitting a button that sends an emergency message to two contacts along with your GPS location.

2. Life360

This free app is available across the major platforms. It’s free and doesn’t try to sign you up to any subscription services. Leave your GPS on and Life360 will track your movements, letting your family know when you have safely arrived at your location, or sending a GPS located stress notification.

3. bSafe

You’ll never walk alone when you have bSafe installed on your smartphone. The main screen on bSafe has four large buttons that you can press quickly and easily: fake call, follow me, I’m here, and Test bSafe.

If you’ve ever been creeped out by someone who is walking alongside you, or if you’ve been in an awkward social situation, you’ll know the value of the fake call button. Of course, this is also a better option than the type of fake call that still allows your phone to actually start ringing as it is pressed up to your ear.

4. Eyewatch

Eyewatch also has four major buttons on the home screen. The difference with Eyewatch is that as well as doing the panic button and GPS coordinates, it also sends an audio and video clip of your situation to your nominated contacts.

5. Emergency +

The Emergency + app allows you to contact 000 and State Emergency Services without depending on 3G or 4G networks but on satellites. The app is managed by the National Triple Zero Awareness Work Group, and was launched by Malcolm Turnbull when he was Communications Minister.

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