Web design tips for building and construction companies

Many in the building and construction industry are beginning to question whether it’s worth continuing to invest in expensive traditional forms of advertising.

Whether it be newspaper, radio, billboards or TV, traditional advertising falters when it comes to delivering highly targeted and measurable outcomes for buildings and construction companies. The fact is, times are changing, and crowds are flocking online to search for your products and services.

That said, the mere existence of a business website doesn’t mean it will automatically have a high Google ranking. If you try a search and your competitors rank higher than you do, you can bet your Yellow Pages budget they’ve invested in professional web design through an agency like iFactory.

But don’t worry, quality web design needn’t come with a high price tag. What is worth considering is how much it’s worth to your business if you invest in a website that delivers more leads and more sales.

What top construction company websites have in common

For more than 10 years, iFactory has been delivering high quality web designs and targeted digital marketing strategies for the building and construction industry.

From experience we’ve learned that there are several key characteristics that produce effective construction industry websites. Here are just a few of our best practice tips:

  • Impress with professional photography. Professional photos provide a far greater impact, especially when supported by quality web design and copy. Whether it be for a home page banner or an interactive photo gallery, good photography will help sell your services, your people and your ethos.
  • Invest in professional copywriting. This is writing copy, not copyright, and it’s perhaps one of the best investments you can make for your construction company website. It ensures consistent messaging throughout the site and drives potential leads to take action.
  • Optimise for search. Your construction company website needs to be properly built and optimised for search to have a chance at a high Google ranking. Search engine optimisation (SEO) doesn’t stop at site launch though; ongoing SEO is crucial to build your site’s reputation and ensure it remains relevant in search rankings.
  • Make it mobile-friendly. Today, more people are accessing the internet on smartphones and tablets than on desktop, which means mobile-friendly design (aka responsive web design) is a must.
  • Include testimonials. In service-based industries like building and construction, testimonials make powerful social proof to show you can do what you say, and do it well.
  • Include easily accessible contact information and clear calls to action. Don’t bury your contact info or forget to include a call to action. How else will visitors know to email, call or fill out a form unless you tell them?

See our work for the building and construction industry

To give you an idea of the calibre of our work, here is a sample of our most recent projects for businesses in construction and property development:

At iFactory, we design amazing websites that are affordable and effective in attracting mores leads and more sales to your building or construction business.

If you’re looking for an innovative web design delivered by a team that understands what’s important in your industry, contact iFactory for a comprehensive quote and consultation.

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