Web design trends for 2015 (Part three)

It’s time for the third and final part of our web design trends series. In this article, we focus on the trend for going big, because sometimes, bigger really is better! Check out Web design trends for 2015 (Part one) and Web design trends for 2015 (Part two) in case you have missed them.

Longer scrolling sites

The move towards mobile means scrolling is preferred by users over clicking to access more content. Therefore, we’re seeing an increase in longer scrolling sites. Not only is it easier to browse on a mobile, but it’s also a very visually appealing way to present a product or tell a story using a variety of content such as photos, videos and GIFs. Sites that famously use this style of web design, and have surely influenced the trend, include Buzzfeed and Apple.

Huge background images

A big trend in recent years, which we are continuing to see in 2015, is the huge background image. This is sometimes a header for a homepage, below which more content is found by scrolling. In other cases, a simple large image takes up the full screen, with text laid over it, and buttons providing links to other pages. A similar alternative version of this, which is popular for music and movie websites, is to feature one huge video that fills the screen when you arrive on the homepage.

Professional high quality custom photography

This trend represents a backlash against stock imagery. As users are more experienced and well-informed nowadays, they can tell the difference between stock images and custom photography, and they respond better to the latter. This also gives the client an opportunity to put more of their brand’s personality and values into the images they use, rather than browsing a selection that weren’t intended for this purpose, and trying to find one that fits. High quality images are vital to show that your brand is professional and has high standards of presentation.

Very large typography

Typography has come to the forefront in web design recently (see our blog series on Google Fonts), as an additional way to express the style and tone of a brand. One particular trend in typography is for very large fonts, which are eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and draw the eye towards an important message on your page. If readers don’t have much time, this visual hierarchy points them to the text that they need to read first, allowing them to decide how interested they are in reading on.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on 2015’s web design trends. For the best web design Brisbane has to offer, contact iFactory, a full-service digital agency in Brisbane.

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