Web design trends for 2015 (Part one)

In the first part of our series on web design trends, we look at how websites are set to become more visually engaging and interactive than ever in 2015.

Modular or grid based web design

The trend for modular and grid based design was inspired by Pinterest, Tumblr and other blogging platforms that present the user with a selection of different clickable sections, all on one page or screen. The modules can contain images, text or videos. This approach gives the user the feeling that there is a huge variety of things to look at on the website. The use of straight lines and grids ensures that this style of web design is not too overwhelming or messy, instead making for a sleek, modern and visually appealing design.

Filling a single screen

A related web design trend is the strategy to fit all your most important content into one screen, the first screen the user sees when they go to your website. This appeals to a user who feels they shouldn’t have to work to find content. They’re presented with a real cross-section of content instantly when they visit the page, without needing to scroll or click through to other pages to get a feel of what’s on offer. The result is a vibrant website that is exciting and a delight for the senses, appealing to young people who want to be overloaded with visual entertainment and inspiration.

Storytelling and interaction

Storytelling in web design is an approach that appeals to those who look for a visually inspiring and engaging experience online. Only a strong creative team with a clear vision can put this into action successfully, as the visual design and copy must work together perfectly to tell a story that creates a connection between the user and the brand. Interactive elements such as animation, GIFs and infographics can be included to bring the story to life in a more unique and contemporary way. A successful implementation of the storytelling trend will typically lead to an improved conversion rate, as users are more engaged with the brand.

Responsive design

Responsive web design means ensuring your website looks as good on mobile and tablet browsers as it does on desktop. This is something we’ve come to expect in 2015, but the trend is predicted to reach new levels this year. Making sure your website isn’t frustrating to use on any device is one thing, but now designers are using the various ways of viewing their websites to make a more interesting and interactive experience for users. Examples include taking inspiration from mobile apps and web apps to create better designs for mobile sites.

Look out for part two in our web design trends for 2015 series coming soon, with a focus on minimalism and flat design.  Visit our online design portfolio and our offline design portfolios on Pinterest.  Contact iFactory today to find out how a sophisticated online presence can drive your business further using the latest web design trends for 2015.

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