Webb Plumbing Site Launches With No Leaks

Melbourne’s Webb Plumbing Services have been in operation for over 30 years and have made a name for themselves not only for their wide range of professional services but most importantly their dedication to service and quality. It’s those characteristics that we wanted to convey in our newly-launched Webb Plumbing website.

The scope of the services offered by Webb meant that there was a lot of ground to cover with the content, so we crafted a user experience that shepherded site visitors quickly to where they wanted to go without clutter or confusion.

We wanted the website to be easily found by anyone in the Melbourne area who are after plumbing works of all kinds, and so search engine optimisation and quality content was a key agenda item during the site’s development. Our copywriting team worked closely with Webb Plumbing staff to ensure that not only was the information presented on the site technically correct but it would be tweaked to ensure that relevant pages would appear high in search engine results.

Another aspect where iFactory’s design team sought to enhance the site with were the visuals, with large photos and carefully chosen colour treatments giving each aspect of the Webb business their own key tone for easy identification.

As we expected that many potential users of the website would be accessing it from mobile devices, responsive design was implemented to ensure the site was snappy and prioritised the right information on smaller screens.

The team used the WordPress Content Management System to ensure that Webb Plumbing staff could easily update the site contents at any time and that future new site features could easily be implemented with minimal downtime.

We’d like to thank the team at Webb Plumbing Services for trusting iFactory with their new site and invite everyone to check out the end result.

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