Website colour schemes to boost your ecommerce website engagement

Colour schemes can increase brand recognition by 80% in ecommerce website design.

Any web designer can agree that colour is among the most influential tools in web design. It can be used to create desire, express meaning, attract attention, earn the loyalty of a customer as well as drive conversions. This is vital, especially in an ecommerce website where information has to be passed fast and expressively to convert casual browsers into committed buyers. You have to develop an effective colour scheme to be able to maintain consistent brand identity. Here’s how.

Create brand recognition

Your ecommerce website is your company’s online home. This means that it has to be a correct representation of your brand. Moreover, it needs to be memorable to make it easier for users to return after making the first visit. Put in mind that most of your visitors will not be able to make purchases during their first visit. Therefore, they need to remember your company for them to make subsequent visits and make purchases. Colour scheme increases brand recognition by 80%.

Shape how visitors feel about your ecommerce site

Colour plays an essential role in your ecommerce site. Based on a preliminary study by KISSmetrics, 90% showed first impressions are based on colour alone. This is because colour is one of the mildest features of a page to comprehend. It can be evaluated almost immediately and does not need browsers to assess the piece or other information. Furthermore, colours can draw out an emotional response since different emotions are linked with different colours. For example, purple is usually associated with creativity while black and white tend to bring out a sense of balance.

Develop a sense of order

Apart from the emotional reaction individual colours that you opt for might induce, it is also vital to consider how the colours are going to relate to each other on your ecommerce website. Creating a sense of hierarchy makes it easy for your visitors to interact with your site the way you want them. The more efficient you become at developing a sense of the order of colours, the more successful you will be in making your visitors convert.

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