What is Magento?

We’ll forgive you if at first glance you think we’re talking about an X Men villain here but if you have spent any time researching all of the different Open Source CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and proprietary CMS you’ve probably come across Magento at some point.

At its heart Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology. It grants users access to a flexible online shopping cart system where you can control not just your stock, but also the look and feel of your store. The system is also coupled with powerful marketing, SEO optimisation and inventory tools meaning that users are treated to an all in one solution that boasts the added feature of unmatched scalability. Upsizing from just a few products to tens of thousands requires no change of platform, so your shop will be as familiar to old customers as it will become to new. And its customisable interface, complete with plug ins and themes means that it can be tailored to your needs in ways that other ecommerce technology can’t match.

We use Magento because it works for us; in more ways than one. It gives us complete control over integration, allows us to offer our customers vibrant and innovative bespoke solutions and keeps us ahead of trends in the market by allowing us to customise the store at will. Since it’s open source we can offer a high return on investment for our customers and innovations are so low risk that it actively encourages customers to experiment and try new things.

Magento is just one of the systems we employ to help our customers achieve the results they want. We use content management systems such as Joomla, Site Core, Wordspace, Strikingly and Drupal. Online marketing solutions are provided by Google Analytics, Survey Monkey, Mail Chimp and Vision6, and of course we make use of all of the major social media sites, from Facebook to Instagram.

We also have ecommerce covered with everything from BigCommerce, and Shopify joining the aforementioned Magento so that all bases are covered and our hosting facilities include Cloud Linux, Cloud Flare and AWS Amazon to name a few. We believe that by helping you choose the systems that are right for you we can ensure that they work in tandem to help maximise your online presence.

We’re GITC accredited and as a premier Brisbane Magento and digital agency we can offer you an unmatched service with great lasting results. So if you’re in need of digital marketing solutions feel free to drop us a line, we’ll be happy to create a resolution tailored to your every need.

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