8 Things You Need to Know about Magento

Right now there are 644 million active websites on the Internet, used by 1% of all websites on the planet, Magento is an open-source content management system designed for ecommerce sites. It provides you with basic themes, which can be customised with codes and extended with plugins. Here are 8 things about Magento you really should know.

1. It’s incredibly popular. More than 100,000 online stores are based on Magento; 375,00 individuals are in the Magento community; and around $25 billion in transactions occur every year.

2. It’s expanding like wild fire. Every single day, Magento is downloaded 5,000 times and various developers have now come up with more than 2,000 extensions.

3. Not all the software is free. Magento is actually made up of not just one, but THREE different platforms. The first, Magento Community, is free, open-source and can be changed by anyone. The second, Magento Enterprise, includes Magento Community’s central features, as well as a whole bunch of additions, and is great for large businesses. It does, however, cost an annual maintenance fee. The third is Magento Go, which is cloud-based but less customisable than the other two. Word is it’ll be shutting down in February 2015 anyway.

4. There’s an annual Magento Conference. Since 2011, Magento has hosted the ‘Imagine ecommerce’ conference annually. More than 600 sellers, partners and developers usually attend.

5. It’s best to KISS (keep things simple, stupid!) when starting out

It’s no secret that, for all its benefits, Magento is a little on the complex side – especially for new users. So, when kicking off, keep functionality to a minimum.

6. It’s important to work with an experienced, reliable development team.

You should have 100% confidence in whichever company or team you decide to work with. It’s better to invest in great web developers Brisbane in the beginning than spend less just for the sake of saving money and end up facing major stumbling blocks in the long term.

7. Before launching, it’s a good idea to test performance

Poor performance can turn visitors off a site very quickly – no one has time to sit around waiting forever for a page to load. Before you go public, ask your team to conduct speed and loading tests.

8. Success depends on listening to your customers.

Once you’ve started the exciting ecommerce adventure, the challenge will be to increase the popularity of your product or service as much as possible. Maintain high standards of customer service and be attentive and responsive to feedback.

Where can I find out more about Magento

iFactory is a team of expert Brisbane Magento web developers who deliver effective, comprehensive digital solutions.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company looking for new inspiration, we can help at every step of the way – from web design to digital marketing. We’ve used Magento to launch and expand several ecommerce Brisbane enterprises, but it’s certainly not the only platform at our fingertips. Our solutions are tailored to meet your needs. For an obligation-free discussion concerning how you can start selling online, please call or email us today.

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