What LinkedIn Company Pages Changes Mean for You

As of the 14th April, LinkedIn will be retiring the Products & Services tab from Company Pages. Businesses who have been using the Products & Services tab to showcase everything they do in the one place and manage it with one login will now need to be prepared to have separate accounts for each of the products and services they wish to feature.

Although at first glance it may seem that managing a company LinkedIn account could become more onerous, there are a number of upsides to these changes and it’s very likely that the new targeted Showcase Pages will generate more value from the LinkedIn marketplace.

The benefits of LinkedIn’s new Showcase Pages

Instead of showcasing your products and services in the Products & Services tab on your Company Page, LinkedIn has created a new way to feature them – individual Showcase Pages. Members will find your Showcase Pages through search or your Company Page.

Showcase Pages feature a banner at the top, followed by a description or overview underneath and then updates underneath.

You can immediately see that maintaining a Showcase Page will require regular, relevant and engaging updates in order for them to be effective.

The idea, as with your Company Page is to get LinkedIn members to follow your Showcase Pages and if you’re going to be bothered maintaining and updating them, you’ll need to make sure your content works to get people interacting with your brand and building your followers and reach.

One enormous advantage of Showcase Pages is the targeting. You can be very clear about who your Showcase Page followers are and what they’re interested in. This is great for you because you can speak to them about precisely what they want to hear and it’s great for them because a much greater percentage of what you post is meaningful to them – ultimately making you, your brand, product or service more relevant.

You can have as many Showcase Pages as you like but if you need more than ten, you’ll need to contact LinkedIn. A few quick tips on LinkedIn Showcase pages in the video below:

Getting the most out of LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to generate quality connections and business leads and investing the time to make your Company Page work, update consistently and get quality content in front of the right people can be a very valuable marketing activity.

Along with the announcement about retiring the Products & Services tab, LinkedIn made some recommendations for businesses:

  • Use Company Updates to engage and interact with your followers. Post ‘timely, engaging content’ that will encourage interaction so you can increase your reach to their contacts.
  • Share more ‘compelling visual content, including videos that play directly in the feed’ and linked to customised landing pages to improve interest and response.
  • Use the new Showcase Pages to highlight particular brands or product lines like Microsoft does for individual products like Office. Use the banner space to brand your Showcase Page and your information section to link back to your Company Page and website.
  • Post regular updates on your Showcase Pages that are targeted to the product or service your followers have indicated they’re interested in to engage them and extend your reach.

Another tip for getting more out of LinkedIn is to get involved in LinkedIn Groups. There are thousands of Groups dedicated to all sorts of subjects and if you can’t find one, create one. Active involvement in relevant LinkedIn Groups where your potential clients are likely to be can be a powerful driver of interest in you and your company.

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