Why we love GuideGuide

Designers solve problems. Organising space, text, images and other design elements to create a sense of order and rhythm requires a range of problem solving techniques, one of which is the grid. Not only is grid-based design useful in creating order and consistency, it makes it far easier to translate design into code during the development phase.

However, in Photoshop you’re presented a blank canvas that requires either educated guesswork or an advanced degree in algebra to establish column width. Or does it?

Introducing GuideGuide – a plugin for Photoshop

One of the most laborious parts of a Photoshop-based design is now achieved in seconds. GuideGuide is an extension for Adobe Photoshop that makes setting a baseline grid easy. Grids can be based on your document dimensions or customised as you require. This plugin also lets you save your favourite grids for use later.

Get started with GuideGuide

Follow these simple steps and make setting baseline grids easy:

  1. Download the GuideGuide Plugin.
  2. Install the Extension by opening your Abode Extension Manager (make sure your Photoshop is closed first).
  3. Enable the GuideGuide Window by opening Photoshop, go to ‘Window’ > ‘Extensions – GuideGuide’.

And, viola! Set the values and Photoshop will automatically render all the guides for your grid.

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