Why your social media marketing need real conversations

In 2018, social media marketing is going to be all about real-time interactions.

When social media boomed at the beginning of the decade, it caused a dramatic shift in the way that brands interacted with the public. Suddenly consumers wanted brands to be accessible, have a personality and interact with them on a daily basis. While initially, this meant regular status updates and the occasional photo, over time, consumers have begun to demand even higher levels of accessibility.

Interactivity is the key to winning over customers in 2018

In 2018, social media marketing is going to be all about real-time interactions. For example, live streaming is going to become an essential part of any major business’s social media strategy. This is because it allows a brand to give themselves a human face and allows potential consumers to feel like they are part of the organisation. This, in turn, leads to trust being created which leads to consumers being willing to spend money.

Building trust has always been integral to any brand’s advertising strategy but it has become much harder to do, especially with millennials. The younger generations need to feel like they are interacting with a group of real people rather than a faceless corporation in order for them to feel comfortable spending their hard earned cash and this is precisely what live streaming can do.

For similar reasons, allowing consumers to use social media chat as their main form of contact with a company will also become incredibly important in 2018. Customers want to interact with brands in the same way they interact with friends and that means being able to contact a brand directly from their favourite app’s chat function. If businesses don’t have responsive social media accounts which are equipped to become the company’s primary means of communication, then they will begin to lose customers.

Harness the power of social media’s responsiveness

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