Write the Perfect Social Media Post

Most of us have at least one social media account, so by extension aren’t we all fabulous at posting? In the real world, that isn’t always the case. So what’s the secret formula for writing a perfect social media post?  In truth, there isn’t one but we’ve trawled the web to bring you the top tips that will help you on your way.

Determine your goal

There are plenty of common pitfalls when posting without a social media strategy. For example, products/services may be pushed too much or not enough. You must define your goal. If you’re a business it’s ultimately about driving traffic to your website or converting leads to sales, in which case your social media posts should adjust accordingly.

Write succinctly and don’t give it all away

You’ve got one shot; one sentence or one image. You’re facing short attention spans so keep it concise. You’d think it’s easier to write less, but it actually takes a little practice. Offer something but don’t disclose everything, which will make readers want to click to find out more and maybe even share with their network.

Keep it positive and relevant

Positivity breeds engagement, so always prefer the positive. You also want to keep it relevant and consistent with your goal. If a post includes a video of two kittens playing, sure that’s cute and you’ll probably get a few likes, but it won’t drive traffic to your website or lead to a sale. It’s not all sell, sell, sell though. You need to persuade them, build trust, even reward loyalty and there’s a fine line. Posting too often or pushing too hard can have the opposite effect.

Use visuals

Posts with visuals can attract three times more traffic than plain text posts, so try to include relevant and attractive images and videos; no faces preferably. In doing so, consider if the link is to a responsive website as more people are accessing social media on their mobile devices and you want to eliminate any unnecessary panning, zooming or scrolling.

Engage with the right tone

It’s a conversational tone, so keep it informal. It’s a way of bridging the gap between your brand and the people behind it. In other words the right tone will humanise the organisation and connect people.

Proofread and edit

Once you click “post”, there’s no going back. Sure you can delete a post but chances are it’s been seen by a host of people already. Which is why you should always check for spelling, capitalisation, punctuation and grammatical errors. It’s tempting due to the conversational nature of social media to rush it; don’t. It can be embarrassing and detrimental to your brand’s credibility.


If any of this is a little too daunting or you simply don’t have the time to run an effective social media strategy, iFactory is one of Brisbane’s leading independent digital agencies and we are here to help. We are now GITC accredited so rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Contact iFactory today to discuss your digital marketing strategy and how to drive more revenue through your digital channels.

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