Your Business Goals and Website Design

Your Business Goals and Website Design

The unshakable development of the online world is reshaping the face of business. Your online presence is the most important aspect of your brand and if you don’t have one yet, or you have a poorly executed web design you may as well be invisible. With over 50% of people searching online before engaging with a particular brand or product, it is more important than ever to have an engaging and useful website for your business. 

A rushed website is not a good idea as a basic design or worse yet an overly complicated set-up can cost you customers and therefore much-valued revenue. To create a good website it takes planning, research and clear goals. A website is a public display of who your business or company is and first impressions count, even on the web. Establishing your goals before web design and production must be your first priority. 

Consider these points before you jump the gun too quickly: 

What is your goal for establishing your online presence? 

Establishing an online presence is a systematic process which includes outlining your essential business information (who you are and what you do), contact information and highlighting your achievements and speciality to potential new customers and clients. 

How will you engage your audience? 

Your business needs to stand out to appeal to the widest audience possible. Integrating a useful, relevant and engaging blog with your website can not only assist with your SEO goals, but also establish your business as a helpful point of contact for subject or industry specific information. The blog can also be used to tell visitors about who you are as a brand and let them see behind the corporate veil so to speak. 

Why do you need a website? 

A good business website will generate search leads, increase the potential for conversions and establish a community for your current customers. Having a multi-level website creates a continual marketing link which cements the long sell to your customers. Use your website as a pitching platform to engender return sales or cultivate new sale leads. 

iFactory understand that creating an online presence is best achieved with a solid research strategy and actionable goals. Our digital strategy workshops ensure that we establish key information about your business to recognise the legacy of your brand, define your purpose and marry these with emerging technologies. Contact iFactory and talk with one of our talented team members today. 

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