10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers (2016 Edition)

Got a web designer in your life that needs a special something for Christmas? We’ve got you covered.

It’s that time of year again – holidays are approaching, Christmas lunches are being planned and Michael Buble is being thawed out for his annual reign over radio airwaves. It’s also the time where we all start planning the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives, and we’ve got some terrific suggestions for your favourite web or digital designer.

1. Color: Messages & Meanings

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

Colour plays an important part of the human brain’s decision making process and a savvy designer knows how to use this to great effect. Pantone are the masters of colour accuracy and here they effortlessly demonstrate how anyone can use colour effectively to convey a specific thought or mood. This book by Pantone is an essential part of the design process of any work that requires an emotional or actionable connection.

2. Surface Pro 4

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

This powerful computer will transform the way your digital designer can work. Not only is the Surface Pro 4 a high powered yet super light Windows laptop, but its screen can be drawn on directly for sketching out design ideas or making finished artwork.

3. Aqua Notes

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

Creative types are known for coming up with some of their best ideas while in the shower. Unfortunately, it’s not the best place to write these ideas down. However, Aqua Notes can change all of that. It’s a waterproof notepad that will be perfect for jotting down that perfect concept before it’s too late.

4. 5TB Seagate HDD

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

Even though cloud-based services are the standard these days, there’s still nothing that can beat the convenience and safety of having all your files and photos on a local hard drive. The 5TB Seagate HDD has enough space to fit your entire digital life into its sleek black casing, and USB3 support means that it’s a breeze to securely copy everything for offline use.

5. Das Keyboard

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

Just like the most popular authors of days gone by had a particular typewriter they preferred to write their masterpieces on, the digital designer of today needs to find a keyboard that suits their style. The Das Keyboard marries old-school heft to modern design and user-friendliness, with gloriously clicky keys and easy access to music and volume controls. It also works as a USB hub to charge your devices.

6. Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

A day spent clicking a mouse can be injurious to a designer’s wrist, so the simple but effective slab of silicon in the Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad provides excellent comfort and support. The large surface area means that mouse movement is accurately transferred to the computer, which is essential when working on a pixel-perfect design.

7. Sprout 7-port charging station

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

You can tell a digital designer has been working in the business for a while if they’re carrying around an assortment of phones, tablets and other USB-powered gadgets to make sure their work looks great across multiple formats. However, keeping them all charged is a problem. Enter Sprout’s wonderful 7-port charging station, which keeps all your devices full of juice at the same time. It even has an area dedicated for housing the devices and keeping them out of the way – they thought of everything!

8. Website Deck of Cards

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

The modern designer has a wealth of digital tools at their disposal to help them plan their latest website project. However, sometimes it’s nice to work with something tactile while still getting the same results. This funky Website Deck of Cards lets you lay out a website framework and simply move them around until everything is perfect.

9. Creative Workshop

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to get your designer for Christmas, you know the frustration of being creatively blocked. This is where the Creative Workshop books becomes especially handy. It’s full of creative challenges designed to unlock a free flow of ideas, and have fun along the way.

10. Adjustable Vented Laptop Table

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Web Designers

For the ultimate in versatility, there’s not much that can beat the Adjustable Vented Laptop Table. Its bendable legs provide a stable service for your laptop at almost any angle, and there’s also room for a mouse to be positioned. Air vents also provide cooling for the laptop when it’s in position, powered by your laptop’s USB connection.

iFactory’s talented roster of digital designers can always come up with the right idea for you, whether it be for your Christmas shopping list, application development or next great website design. Contact us today to see what we our team of website designers can do for you.

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