10 best Christmas gift ideas for web developers (2015 edition) part 2

Gift buying can be tricky, especially for that person who has it all, won’t give you any hints or has an unusual interest. If you’re having a tough time choosing a gift for a friend, partner or family member who’s a developer, you’re in luck – there are tons of Christmas gift ideas that they’re sure to love!

1. Programming keyboard

For web developers who are just starting out, a programming keyboard is a piece of kit that they will definitely thank you for later. Keyboards designed primarily for developers, such as the CODE Keyboard [], have ergonomics and function in mind.

2. Developer-themed T-shirt

Pick out a developer themed T-shirt so your loved one can show off their coding skills to all.

3. Sound-cancelling headphones

When programming, it can be extremely important to get in the zone; you can help the developer in your life do this more easily by giving them a pair of sound-cancelling headphones. When they need to concentrate on a big or important task, they can simply put on their headphones, perhaps play some of their favourite music, and let the world fall away.

4. Floppy disk coasters

A fun and quirky addition to home décor, these floppy disk coasters are the perfect gift for nostalgic developers.

5. Computer glasses

It’s easy for developers to get strained and tired eyes from staring at a screen all day, but computer glasses can help reduce this effect.

6. HeadLine chair

Web developers often sit at their desks all day long, which means they require an office chair with excellent lumbar support and comfort, such as the HeadLine chair from vitra.

7. Coffee subscription

Coffee is frequently a lifesaver for developers, so get them a monthly coffee subscription to make sure they always get their caffeine fix.

8. Programming book

If you know which programming language your developer works in or which ones they’ve expressed interest in learning, you could get them a book about it to further develop their skills.

9. Mini fridge

It’s best if developers take a little break now and then to get up and stretch their legs, but sometimes deadlines mean taking enough breaks is difficult. But you can make all the hard work a little easier with a mini fridge stocked with energy-boosting drinks and snacks (preferably water and fruit rather than Red Bull and chocolate!).

10. Computer cleaning kit

OK, so it might not be the most exciting and interesting present the developer in your life will get, but it will certainly get a lot of use. A computer cleaning kit is an ideal stocking filler for all technology lovers.

Have a designer you need to buy for too? Check out our other article 1for best Christmas gift ideas for web designers. We hope you found these gift ideas from the developers here at iFactory useful – we’re sure your loved one will be delighted to receive any of them! As a full-service internet agency, we’re used to delighting people with our web design, e-commerce and digital marketing solutions; contact us to find out more.

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