10 killer tools for sending large files

Emailing large files can be a nightmare for both yourself and the recipient. There are some great tools available online that can help make life easier and means you never have to worry about whether or not sharing a file will push you over your quota and cost you extra fees. We have some suggestions for alternative methods to make sharing data easier for you and your clients. Here are our top 10.

1) DropBox

DropBox is probably one of the best known of the file transfer tools. While this does not necessarily mean that it’s the tool best suited to meeting your needs, it does mean that it’s likely your clients are already familiar with it. Use of DropBox requires you to register, though it is free to do so. We suggest that if you use DropBox, you install the desktop application for optimal ease of use. Also note that there’s a mobile app, so you can share files on the move. Unlike many similar tools, there’s no cap on file size.

2) TyphoonUpload

TyphoonUpload can similarly be used online or as a desktop app. The online feature gives the benefit of allowing use without registration, though files expire 24 hours after sending if you don’t register for an account. File size is capped at 2GB.

3 WeTransfer

WeTransfer also caps file size at 2GB, and again does not require registration. Files are stored for two weeks before being deleted from the server.

4) DropSend

DropSend is an online file sharing service with unlimited bandwidth for sharing and receiving files. However, the unlimited bandwidth is only available with the Pro and Business plans. The free plan only allows five sends a month. The basic plan only allows 15 sends. The standard only allows 45 sends.

5) HighTail

HighTail, formerly YouSendIt, offers a free package including 2GB storage space, transfers files of up to 250MB, and 5 e-signatures, meaning that it has a number of uses rather than being dedicated to file transfer. YouSendIt also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, making sending large files and folders (up to 100MB) as quick as sending an all-text email with no extra steps required. It has over 40 million registered users, and boasts widespread use amongst Fortune 500 companies.

6) Infinit

Infinit doesn’t place limits on how many files you can send or how many. The developers claim that it’s over 20 times faster than the tools competitors offer, as well as being safer.

7) Box

Box offers storage space for up to 5GB, and allows file transfer of any size.  Box also features useful integrations such as with Google Apps and Salesforce. Business accounts are also available with a free trial, with the added bonus of more storage capacity for your design files and greater control over permissions for different user roles.

8) Itrnsfr

Itrnsfr allows up to 2GB to be transferred to any number of recipients without registration. It also allows user to transfer multiple files at once to multiple recipients.

9) Sendspace

If you’re worried about your files going missing in cyberspace, we recommend Sendspace, as they track your files.

10) Senduit

Senduit has a limit of 100MB, but don’t let that put you off. It is very simple to use, as you simply upload the file you want to share, and Senduit provides a private URL where clients can access the file. You can set the expiration time of the file to be any length between half an hour and a full week.

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