3 simple steps to improving SEO

In three simple steps you can start attracting the right audience to your website and improving your website’s SEO.


For small businesses trying to optimise their search engine rankings and increase traffic to their website, following these three steps for search engine optimisation (SEO) provides quick, easy ways to start seeing your digital marketing strategies pay off.

1. Research how your website is getting found

This is standard digital marketing practice. However, it’s surprising how many businesses do not understand how simple monitoring your digital presence is thanks to freely available software such as Google Analytics.

Ensure you use keywords that are short, sharp and simple when trying to improve your chances of being discovered. This can be achieved using a variety of free tools and services provided by Google.

Google has search engine programmes that can help you understand how your business can increase the likelihood of being discovered. These programmes include Google Keyword and Google Trends for websites. There are countless other free alternatives available for researching digital trends.

2. Focus on content for your target audience

Focusing on trends and keywords can provide your business with a better chance to communicate with more people. Big numbers might be great for general awareness, but if you’re after genuine engagement and market penetration, don’t forget to research specific keywords that will target your business to the right demographic audience.

Ensure the targeted content you’re providing is easy and interesting to read. Visitors to your website shouldn’t be confused about what you’re offering or what you want them to do next – call a phone number, purchase a product, complete a form, etc. Keeping content short and engaging is important, you have very limited time to make your message understood and move your users to take action.

3. Be accessible

Don’t forget the power of social media. Your website should be easily accessible via social media channels so that any customers looking for more information about your business can find it with ease. Maintaining a presence on the major social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Remember, easy accessibility is good digital marketing practice. Ensure that your business can be accessed through the digital channels your target market is using.

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