4 reasons why website design makes a difference

In the digital space, your website is synonymous with your brand. It’s essential that you hold your website design to high standards. A sub-standard website communicates a sub-standard brand. Investing in quality website design demonstrates professionalism to current and potential customers. Still not convinced? Here are the top four reasons website design makes more of a difference than you’d think.

1. A simple way to stand out

Sometimes, it can be something as benign as the design of a website that is the defining factor in someone’s decision between a variety of different choices. Coherence, along with an aesthetically pleasing design, will have a major impact in pushing you above the curve. With the sheer amount of variety out there, businesses are being forced to show their superiority in other ways, and online, website design is one of the most important.

2. Identity

Building a brand identity is key to creating a serious, sustainable business. Achieving this requires a high level of consistency across offline and online marketing material. This is where quality website design comes in. When done right, it not only maintains the brand image, it can extend it.

3. Loyal consumers

If getting consumers to your website is the first step, getting them to stick around is the second. With attention spans growing smaller and smaller, good first impressions are essential. A good website is one that engages your customers so they stay. A well-designed website provides a great user experience that delivers the information, services and products that your customers want.

4. Comprehension

Readability and ease of comprehension seem like obvious qualities any website should have, but they’re surprisingly rare qualities for a lot of business websites. A clean, engaging design featuring straightforward un-cluttered copy is vital for maintaining satisfied customers. A responsive design that works across desktops, tablets and smart phones is essential.

iFactory is one of Brisbane’s leading digital design agencies. We’ve been designing and building websites for over a decade and have watched the trends and fads come and go. We have a detailed understanding not only of what goes into great website design, but what brands need to underpin it – quality content management systems, reliable website support and a creative, sustainable digital strategy.

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